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Travel to and around Crete by Car or Motorcycle

Travel to Crete with your own car from Europe by taking a ferry from Italy (Ancona) or Greece (Piraeus, Athens). You can also rent a car on Crete which is an excellent way to see the entire island. Our car rental list will be available soon.

The main highway (E75) connects the whole of the North Coast from East to West with many branches off to the interior of Crete and the South Coast. Crete has many new modern roads which will make your journey around the island very comfortable and it is easy to get from the North Coast to the South Coast within an hour depending on your exact location.

There are also many smaller roads to explore which will take you into some of the most beautiful and isolated areas of Crete. Many of the mountain roads can be damaged by rocks and the heat and it is not unusual to find flocks of sheep or goats standing on the road, so please drive carefully.

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